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Our Why

Today more and more people learn online: Youtube, Online Courses, Podcasts are the new go-to places to solve a problem, stay updated, develop new skills, and learn with the best.

They know that to do their best work in our fast-paced, changing world, they need to learn on the job and be continuously self-learners.

L&D new role will no longer be just designing and delivering classroom training and e-learning but enabling and supporting these new ways of learning.

Learninghubz helps L&D in their new mission of support this new, open, self-directed and agile learning culture.
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Our mission is to help organisations support and promote the new learning culture, empowering employees to become perpetual self-learners.

How do we do that?

Learninghubz modern learning hub, permanently curated catalog of online videos and courses and innovative engagement tools, allow organisations to start delivering the new learning culture in days, not months, with simplicity, not complexity.
Easily enable new ways of learning, rather than just create, deliver and manage old training ways.
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For managers to help their teams to get the most out of their jobs
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For your people to become independent and continuous learners
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Our best advice

Whatever you do to seek out knowledge, make it a lifelong goal to never stop learning.

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