Why Learninghubz

An agile learning hub for a new learning culture

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Launch a new learning hub in 24h

Installing your new learning hub doesn´t have to be a nightmare for your organisation. Learninghubz can be implemented and customized in just 24h.

  • Fast and simple roll out
  • No installation, software, or complex integrations
  • No complex customization needed
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Don't browse for content, let us bring it to you

We understand how difficult is to find the time to search for new content across a range of subjects daily… Let us handle that for you!

Learninghubz team searches and adds to your library the best online videos and courses for your people development, every day! All content is curated by an expert team, not machines.

  • Every day new content added
  • Immediately available
  • Content curated by an expert team, not machines.
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Foster learners with multi-channel communications

Learninghubz includes a complete suite of communications tools and regular newsletters to help your people become continuous learners and instantly promote specific content or activate your learning initiatives.

And all is set up by your Client Success Manager so that you have only to focus on the creativity and content

  • Custom InApp banners, posts, messages
  • Onboarding communications
  • Weekly newsletter with content recommendation
  • Custom newsletters
quick learning hub launch
analytics and reports learning system

Powerful analytics, more insights

Get insights on how learners are using the learning hub with a complete dashboard with real-time analytics. Export learning activity to CSV/Excel for further analysis or integration.

  • Global user engagement
  • Content performance
  • Search activity
  • Courses completion
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Easy to customize to meet your learning strategy

Everything can be customized. Highlight what’s more important for your training strategy. Make it look like your organization brand. The options are limitless.

You can use our content and layout as a starting point, or change everything, autonomously and rapidly so that people can find the relevant content in every visit.

  • Custom pages
  • Learning priorities and recommendations
  • Content highlights and featured topics
  • Thematic pages like “onboarding training” and “compliance training”
quick learning hub launch
analytics and reports learning system

Your new "hire" for modern learning

We’re more than a modern learning solution, we’re your partner. Learninghubz Client Success Manager is your Business Partner for your new learning hub and content curation.

Let us know if you have specific requests for your L&D strategy. We’ll work side by side to build a learning solution to reach your L&D learning goals and deliver the results you’re after.

  • Ongoing support
  • Strategy to reach L&D goals
  • Dedicated curation team

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