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The relevant YouTube content for your workforce

Your multi-generational workforce craves for great learning content, and we deliver exactly that!

Learninghubz selects the most relevant content from YouTube, so your organization can provide great content with world class experts on the most on-demand business skills making learning appealing and spontaneous for your people.

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The most popular online courses accessible

Why stick with a MOOC content vendor if you can have the best from all?

Avoid uninspiring L&D libraries, and accelerate your workforce skills development with high quality courses from Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, Edx, Future Learn, Udacity and many others!

Learninghubz curates the best of these courses so that it’s easier for employees to find all this great content your learning hub.

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All content in your learning portal

Learning from world-class experts

We know that learning with leaders in their fields is an entirely different game. That’s why we find the best content, so your people can learn with the best of the best.

  • Leading experts in each field
  • Best business schools

All the skills that matter to grow

Empower your people with essential skills to grow and succeed.

  • Most on-demand business skills: soft skills and hard skills

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engaging learning experience

Engaging learning experience

Long training sessions give too much information at once, people get distracted, bored and go elsewhere. Right?

That’s why we provide many short duration contents. With this “quick wins” immediate actions occur easily while learning happens

  • Bite-Sized micro learning videos​
  • Engaging formats: smart tips, quick tutorials, book summaries, talks, best of playlists​
  • No quizzes, just learning​
  • Repetition is always available
engaging learning experience
corporate learning
engaging learning experience

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