Why Learninghubz

Works with or without LMS

engaging learning experience

Integrates with your LMS

If you have a legacy LMS, Learninghubz will work as the learning experience platform that will easily bring fresh and relevant curated content into your Learning Platform or LMS.

What’s really great is that we can be your organisation learning portal where everyone can access all corporate, formal and informal training in a single place. This way Learninghubz helps to connect all relevant content, giving learners the ability to easily find, view, search and access the LMS catalog.

  • Connects with the LMS content
  • SSO integration
  • API data integration
lms learning management system


An LMS is important when you have compliance courses or mandatory courses like onboarding to deliver. You need features like support for different media types, structured paths, questions, track and report training progress and a certificate of completion.

If you don't have super complex requirements, with Easygenerator add-on, you can provide all that, with simplicity, flexibility and speed, providing an all in one learning hub, for formal and informal learning.

engaging learning experience
lms learning management system
engaging learning experience
lms learning management system

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