Our Mission

At Learninghubz we’re on a mission to help organizations provide unlimited learning opportunities to all employees. We empower your workers to learn on their terms. No restrictions or rigid structures - just the unbridled freedom for your employees to learn their own way, without limits. Learninghubz helps L&D in their new mission of support this new, open, self-directed and agile learning culture by turning every organization into a learning powerhouse.

Meet Learninghubz team

João Nogueira Santos
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

I am passionate about lifelong learning, and I say to my kids, daddy is the world’s biggest user of YouTube, the best school of everything in the world!

Nuno Bernardo Lopes
Founder & Chief Technology Officer
People, Hex, Bugs and Rock & Roll. Family first but flaneur at heart.
Pedro Costa Santos
Founder & Chief Commercial Officer
I’m addicted to travel and immerse in distant cultures. I’m also a rookie kickboxer who enjoys to surf a good wave.
Francisco Barroso
Business Development Iberia
I am a creative person who likes people, ideas, and mix music. I believe that the best art is collaboration.
Stephen Humphreys
Business Development UK
Helping companies build and support a new learning culture.
Davide Campos
Costumer Success Manager
Want to talk with me? Look in the nearest golf course and I’ll be there.
Inês Sousa
Marketing Executive
You can easily find me sailing a boat or horse riding into the fields.
David Bazílio Ribeiro
Full Stack Engineer
Curious by nature so I enjoy learning new things. To relax I can count on a good video game or a relaxing afternoon drawing.
Diogo Salvador
UI & UX Designer
At some point in evolution technology kicks in as an expression of nature itself to evolve. As technology evolve so do we in a symbiotic relation between nature and technology.
Sofia Ramos
Content Curator
Books are one of my best friends. The other ones are plants and animals.
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